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Heading to Miami Fendi Cafe

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Heading to Fendi Cafe Miami, another exciting visit of mine, it never disappointed. Everything is very Fendi at Fendi Cafe in Miami. This cafe is a pop up at Miami OTL and only open until July 6, so if your a Fendi fan, fashion lover, or just looking for something to do in Miami definitely try it out, because I had good time. Its in my DNA to go to places like this.

(The Fendi Caffe sign) when you first walk in

Drinking My Fendi Matcha

What did I order?

-Fendi Matcha Latte

-Chocolate Croissant

-Vegan Mushroom Empanadas

Everything was good, no complaints here.

(Vegan Empanadas)

Outfit Details! What I'm wearing: Wearing 5 different designers at Fendi Cafe:

-My cute hair pin is by Fendi

-My crop top is by Moschino from SS 2018 Collection

-Sequin Denim Skirt (made of dreams) is by Miu Miu

-Vintage Floral Bag is by Chanel

-Shoes are Vintage YSL mules

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