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How I Find Your Personal Style!

I will dress you according to your lifestyle, age, size, and style goals!

How does this work, you ask?…

With every client I email a style assessment for them to fill out to give me info like sizing, style likes, dislikes, budget, etc. Then there is our first appointment, I usually recommend a closet clean out or if you don’t need that then just a wardrobe assessment. This is a great first step to meet the client in person, see their body shape, coloring for color matching, what they already have, what they need, and their personality. In any world I prefer to shop with my clients in person rather than online. Why? Shopping online is difficult for sizing, what the pieces really look like, and then the returns. My talent shows when I am with my client in a store and bring them pieces they may have never picked out on their own but absolutely love. I say buy one or two pieces that push yourself out of your box, but not so much where you won’t wear it, that is how your style evolves! Being in person to try clothing on you can feel the fabric, provide in person style tips, and just have fun with a process you might have otherwise dreaded before hiring a stylist. Think outside the box! When we first meet you will describe to me what your style is or what you think it is. Keep an open mind when it comes to your style choices. Try something new because fashion is supposed to be fun, it’s an escape and makes you feel a certain way.

To Schedule Your Own Personal Style Experience or Give a gift card, Please contact Katerina Styles today!

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