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Dior Cafe Miami

This was my third visit to Dior cafe in Miami, it was my favorite time yet. Every time I go to Dior cafe I have such a good time, I love the atmosphere, I loved what I ordered, the Dior animals, and even more,...I loved my outfit I wore. I wore a full vintage pink Dior look. I love dressing in Dior clothes and accessories whenever I go to Dior cafe, it makes the experience that much better.

What I wore:

My outfit was a full Dior look from pieces in my collection from the Dior pink trotter and Dior Cherry Blossom lines, my hat, shoes, bag, and jewelry are all Dior. I have been collecting these pieces for a while now. They are my Dior aesthetic for life.

What I ordered:

Dior Bee (the best ice cream) Mango Flavor

Dior Latte

Almond Croissant

One of my Most Favorite parts of Dior Cafe...The Dior Tiger!

Before Heading up to the Cafe make sure to get a copy of Dior Magazine, you can read it up at the cafe, and save it as a souvenir if you collect magazines it would be the perfect magazine to add to your collection, I always get one whenever I go.

I'd highly recommend visiting Dior cafe, its a definite must, its a great experience, especially if your into Fashion!

-Katerina Styles-

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